by Nim Gholkar

‘This tastes so good. What’s the recipe?’

I was asked this by a lady at a dinner party I had hosted a few months ago.

I went through the recipe in great detail. At the end, she winked and asked: ‘And whats the SECRET INGREDIENT you’re not telling me?’

I was a little taken aback. ‘Theres no secret ingredient. I’ve told you everything’.

She let out a hollow laugh. ‘Oh darlin’…no one ever tells the entire recipe. They always leave that one thing out so that their dish remains unique’.

That conversation gave me a fascinating insight into human psyche.

I understand that some people may deliberately not mention one special step in the recipe in order to hold on to their signature dish. But just in case you do tell all, here’s an amazing thing to remember: Whether a secret ingredient is revealed or not, each of us is unique and the outcome will imbibe your own special magic and remain uniquely your own.

You are the best in the world at being YOU

Nim Gholkar, 2021

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