"The 1st week itself I could see the change in myself"

“I have been going through many challenging situations since 2010. But, 2020 would be one of the most mentally challenging phases for me. . I changed my career and then again 10 months later found another opportunity and jumped over.

When I joined this company, I was probably going through the lowest phase of my life in terms of physical health, emotional health, lack of self-confidence and need to bring about a complete change in attitude to work and life. I was going through so many dramas and relationship failures (friends and family) and had put on 14 kilos due to stress and anxiety in 10 month period.

I knew I had to quickly start working on ME so as to come out of this mess and be a winner. I came across posts of Nim on social media and found truth and wisdom in her posts. My heart told me to go for her empowerment programme.

Thus began the 12 weeks of amazing learning time for me. Nim and I went through each and every aspect where I needed to bring about the change. The first week itself I could see the change in myself. I had a completely whole new approach to all the challenges I was facing. What seemed nearly impossible (I had lost hope – before I joined the programme) now started to change and I could feel myself re-building myself brick by brick. From improvement in self-confidence to better health, a positive attitude and using strategies and plans to face the challenges smartly became my daily learning.

Some of the amazing results that I have achieved:

1) Joined Yoga (i was barely able to move my feet) to now learning yoga a minimum of 3 days a week.

2) Relationship troubles: One of my biggest challenges. I no longer blame myself for all the breakups and dramas. Have a more practical and realistic approach.

3) Work: Have never been so confident.I no longer feel scared about losing my job, instead think how will I add value to my role and grow. My Manager’s Boss, recently messaged me on teams, “How did you bring about such awesome changes in your KPI’s ?”

4) Change in attitude: This is one of the biggest factors which helped me in every aspect. Today, I am more confident than ever before.

Nim’s 12 week empowerment programme has been extremely helpful to me and what I have learnt in these 12 weeks has not only helped me to become a better person but also will help me in the journey of life. Personal coaching with Nim every week helped me to visit every area of my life where i needed improvement.”

Amit Vora

"Nim is an absolute wealth of knowledge"

It’s been an honour to be coached by Nim. She is one of the most genuine, knowledgeable, and selfless mentors with whom I have ever spoken. Nim’s advice during the three-month empowerment program was invaluable, and I can’t thank her enough!


Nim assisted me in unpacking mindsets that were holding me back and skilfully guided me in developing a strategy and approach that were aligned with my values, goals, and personality style. Her ability to challenge my limiting beliefs and distil the big picture into actionable chunks produced excellent results. Working with Nim on my professional development values has been a priceless experience. Nim assisted me in confirming what it means to grow not only professionally but also personally as a senior HR professional. 


Nim gave me time to think about how important it is to use different techniques and frameworks that help me grow every day. She provided clear and helpful insight to help me focus on my work and realise my full potential, outlining clear and manageable steps to growth and development. Nim’s approach was especially tailored to my needs, values, and personal situation, providing the support, advice, and clarity I needed to move forward in a positive direction.


When you have the opportunity to spend time with Nim, she creates an environment in which ideas flow, creativity blossoms, clarity is obtained, and you walk away with a renewed sense of purpose and direction. Nim is exceptionally gifted at assisting individuals and teams in realigning their purpose, values, and why they do what they do. I strongly recommend Nim to individuals, entrepreneurs, and teams looking for professional advice, guidance, or to hone their existing skills. I’m looking forward to having Nim as a Personal Professional Mentor in the future! She is an absolute wealth of knowledge!


"Strategies Nim taught me made me a 100% better person."

Self-doubt, low self-esteem, being judged by others and a scattered mind with too many thoughts & wanting to achieve them all were my key issues before my coaching sessions with Nim. 


Empowerment coaching sessions with Nim helped me greatly to become more confident, acknowledge the feelings and learn to park it for later/deal with them, care much less about what others think about me. I learnt to be carefree & easy on myself, happy and most of all live in the moment.  


Every week I would wait for my catch-ups with Nim to get her insights, to learn to believe in myself and to just be okay with the way I am. I had a lot of emotional baggage before I met Nim. I was dealing with feelings of grief, hurt and fear of being judged. Nim, gave me simple ways & tips on how to deal with these feelings and I use them as part of my daily-life now. The homeworks that she gave me was simple and achievable. She has given me amazing one-liners that went on my wall as reminders. 


By the end of the three month empowerment program, I had better clarity of the person I am, how I manage my feelings or any given situation and biggest of all was how to treat myself respectfully. Her coaching program not only helped me professionally but also enriched my personal life. I am a much better daughter, wife, mother and a friend now than before (and I can say that about myself happily & confidently!). Strategies she taught me has made me a 100% better person than I was before meeting Nim. 


I look forward to meeting Nim and take every opportunity I can get to listen to her talks or read her books.


I will be forever thankful and grateful to Nim!


"I'm grateful to Nim for changing my outlook on life!"

I am an outwardly successful person with a good job and great family. I was still not happy with my life and had a feeling that something was missing. I was stuck in a rut and lacked ambition to progress further.  Luckily, I came across Nim’s facebook page which made me think I could change for the better.

I had the most amazing experience talking with Nim about my life, work, hobbies, pleasures, goals and ideas of progress. Nim made me think for the first time about my strengths and areas for improvement in my personality. I really liked her style of going to the bottom of the problems and finding out that the solutions are actually not that difficult. I am grateful to Nim for changing my outlook in life.

I feel much happier about myself and feel confident that I would be able to achieve my goals and in general live a fulfilling life. I highly recommend the personal and professional jump starter coaching sessions with Nim.

– Aabha 

"Nim's program changed my life forever"

“I am so grateful for your empowering program. It changed my life forever!

Before starting the program –

  1. I was fragile, carrying a lot of emotional baggage and was lost in thoughts that ate me up.
  2. I had no confidence in myself.
  3. At work, i did not get recognition even though I was breaking my back.
  4. I had no idea how to handle situations that life and people threw at me.

All I invested was 1 hr a week for 3 months that changed my perspective about life completely. Here I am after 3 months –

  1. Completely brand new person – I am not the same old emotional self.
  2. Got promoted at work.
  3. Gained confidence in everything I do.
  4. Resolved conflicts in personal life.
  5. I am now equipped with tons of wisdom on how to handle tough situations in style.

Signing up to your program was the best thing I did in my life, I wish I did this earlier.

Nim, you are best! You have a wealth of wisdom which you use wisely to transform your clients to their better self. It was such a pleasure to know you. I will cherish the wisdom you shared and hold on to it throughout my life. I am a black and white person. You showed me that I can still be true to myself and keep my values while I don’t have to be transparent to the world. You equipped me to give smart responses to every situation”


"Nim made a huge difference in my thinking"

I always believed that you can’t change the world but change your own attitude and thinking to be happier. With this thought, I gave a call to Nim with lots of ifs and buts in my mind. But aah! what a roller coaster happened after this😊

I would wait for that 1 hour of session every week like a child and after the session , used to come out of the room so much more confident, carefree and HAPPY. My husband and kids were the first one to notice the change happening in me. They all were so happy to see me happy💕

Nim made such a huge difference in my thinking. Made me understand my purpose of life, made me understand the priorities , gave me strength to go ahead and achieve my dreams. Through a mix of soft and straightforward approach , she makes you understand the life skills. I was in such a mess emotionally when I contacted her and in just three months, I feel I am completely a new person. I can feel a zing in my step, happiness all around, extremely less fights with my husband and no emotional dramas with friends. Through her tools, I find solutions in my day to day problems. I have started understanding a lot of people better and the situations better. It’s not that I ve stopped feeling hurt but her tools make me bounce back quickly. In fact I don’t even get hurt so bad as earlier I used to. She taught me acceptance, least expectations…. lot of things I knew before as I read somewhere or heard from lot of learned people but she made it so easy to act on it. I told her , she is the one who changed my life completely and I am so grateful that I found her. I have the diary on my bedside and I keep going back to the notes and make it a part of valuable discussion with my kids as well. I hope I would have contacted her long back so would not have wasted such precious days whining, but like she says, we have set number of days on earth so rather than crying, let’s be happy and feel joy..

Heartfelt gratitude to you Nim❤️


"My whole life turned around after finishing the sessions with Nim!"

I was a product of poor time management and negative approach in life. I had a fuzzy vision of my general goals in life, and where I stand in particular when it comes to being grateful for the things I have. This attitude was making me lazy and procrastinate even the non negotiable tasks of routine life, which was definitely impacting my relationships and confidence. I signed up for Nim’s communication jump starter session thinking that the root cause of my disturbed life was my communication skills. 

Nim gauged in the first 15 minutes of meeting me that I could use some life tools and eye opening exercises to perceive my situation. She was extremely wise and patient and had a structured approach throughout. She is also very honest and has a great sense of humour, quickly making me comfortable sharing my own thoughts freely with her. I learned about a lot of life tools and how I can leverage them to consistently improve my life and situations. We can find most of the answers within ourselves if only we spend some time to reflect upon ourselves. She gave me some handy and quick tips across the sessions and ensured that I am taking action on my learnings.  

My whole life turned around after finishing the sessions with Nim. I had a changed perspective and enlightened approach towards what I have in life and how to make the most of my time. I also had a clear vision and the understanding of where I stand in a particular situation, and most importantly how to react. I am definitely grateful to have worked with Nim. She is a wonderful person and I am a big fan and follower!

– Simar 

"Nim's session helped me immensely in both my personal & professional life"

I think I had a fair idea on what the gaps are and what direction I should be heading to, to close those gaps but I was not sure if my assessment of the gaps is correct/real/accurate and the way I am adopting to bridge the gaps were sufficient or right direction. E.g. being assertive i.e. being able to say ‘no’ where required or speaking up for yourself or your mind. I wanted self-assurance to be able to boost my confidence and to be able to make an impact

The session helped me big time boosting self-confidence by either assuring that I was on the right track to achieve my goals or helped me with new strategies and tips to help me pick the correct next action. Sessions helped me to further probe into detail on the aspects which are critical to my life and goals and helped me to pave a pathway to achieve them. Nim could easily gauge or understand my state of mind or dilemma that I would be in, at times and then helped to tailor the sessions and tips/ strategies to suit my situation. I learnt to be assertive in the way I communicate, I am way confident than I used to be before the session, I have learnt how to focus and achieve THE MOST important things in my life so that I don’t regret in my life later. It has helped immensely in personal and professional life. I have now started taking a different approach to things which has benefited me a lot – I now realise its those small steps and to plan and start rather than waiting for the right time (which never comes). I understand the value and importance of finite resources – time, effort etc we have in life and its not worth wasting it on things that would not matter to you when you will look back. I also feel that I am doing better for myself, personally and professional and feel satisfied  with life. 
Thanks Nim for being this awesome coach and its fascinating how you understand those unspoken words and state of mind to help us navigate through to the right path. 

I have learnt how to stop overthinking and invest time and effort in things that would really matter 
I have now been speaking up confidently enough 
I have now started to appreciate the finite resources and value them even more which helps me to be a better person and ensure I keep myself happy and satisfied. I am also putting in use tips to manage work life balance and being a better team player. 
…and more to come with time!

– Maziya