About Nim


Nim moved to Australia in the 1990s after an arranged marriage in Mumbai, India to an Australia based Indian. Her’s is a quintessential migrant achievement story. After arriving in Sydney, she experienced many challenges migrants often face. E.g. the pursuit of belonging, cultural adjustments, workplace alignment, etc. These initial hurdles became stepping stones to personal growth, success & empowerment, even as she settled in and raised three kids.
Nim’s ability to adapt, evolve and create new narratives led to varied roles as she strived to forge a distinct identity. In between working in corporate and leading her own professional practice, Nim published four books, became a registered Mediator and an accredited Life Coach. She promotes ‘harnessing ancient wisdom for a better today” through the non-profit Yimiri Limited, which she co- founded in 2023.


With first hand experience of the unique challenges and opportunities for migrant communities, Nim has specialised in coaching, guiding and counselling not just migrant professionals and businesses employing migrants but also those having migrant communities as customers, locally or overseas. Nim also supports clients with career transition guidance, skills assessment & leadership training. Refer to www.nimsniche.com FB: @nimgholkar


Much of Nim’s community work is through Yimiri as well as pro-bono work for other NFP organisations. She leads a regular practice in therapeutic yoga, meditation (dhyana), breathwork (pranayama) and positivity, which help participants to achieve desired health, wealth and happiness outcomes. Yimiri’s ‘Yimi Yoga for Kids’ program has been providing yoga & meditation programs in schools since 2021, helping children build resilience and overcome stress and anxiety. Recently Nim has launched an Ayurveda Panchakarma Kriya (ancient Indian holistic health system) clinic, with the aim of providing complementary therapies and remedies, useful to rejuvenate our bodies, refresh minds and nourish the soul.

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