About Nim

Nim Gholkar is a celebrated Success Coach and distinguished Motivational Speaker, who has inspired and trained thousands in Australia and more overseas, to bring about positive transformation in lives, relationships and careers. Her clients are drawn from all over the world and from all walks of life.


Nim is very popular on social media, radio and online TV talk shows. She figures extensively in literary festivals, speaking circuits and meetings about business, politics and cultural affairs and has spoken on a wide range of topics in Australia, India, Dubai, Thailand and Egypt. Her humour, charisma and charming nature makes her a sought after MC which she does very selectively for non-profits and fundraising events. 


As a successful entrepreneur and author of 4 books, one fiction and three non-fiction, Nim is very well read and stays informed about social events. Her humble journey full of hardship, as an immigrant bride in Australia, at a time when ‘cultural diversity’ was little known, gives Nim a strong platform to help other immigrants overcome hurdles and be an advocate for them and women’s empowerment globally. Vignettes from her life learnings glimpsed through her writings, musings and narrations, transcend ethnic, cultural and gender barriers. They touch a chord in everyone she reaches, which is an amazing thing.

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