What time do you wake up?

by Nim Gholkar

Once upon a time I used to wake up at 6.15 am but soon realised that it was impossible to find the time to meditate or exercise. I had stuff to do in the kitchen, respond to emails and get ready for meetings. I now wake up most mornings between 4.45 am and 5 am so that I’m able to do the things that make me feel calmer and in control before I tackle my giant to-do list. If you’re finding it impossible to get organised in the morning, try this simple tactic: Tonight before you go to bed, set the alarm for JUST 15 minutes before you’d normally wake up. If you usually get up at 7 am, set the alarm for 6.45 am. Promise yourself that you will not hit the snooze button when the alarm goes off (The snooze button has cultivated the art of procrastination). In those bonus 15 minutes, do something that creates a sense of peace, stillness or control. Meditation, light stretches, deep breathing etc. Once you’ve done that, begin your day. Don’t underestimate the power of 5 minutes of exercise. Remember, FIVE is better than ZERO.

Nim Gholkar, 2021

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