by Nim Gholkar

Whenever I have travelled and been away from home, our neighbours have collected the mail and taken the bins out – all this without us even having asked. That’s an example of a fascinating concept that hails from African philosophy – UBUNTU. It’s the secret sauce for creating a more connected and compassionate world. It’s like saying “Hey, my vibe is tied to your vibe, and together, we make the world a better place.”

In a nutshell, Ubuntu means “I am because we are”.

Think about it this way: Ever had a bad day which then turned awesome because a friend showed up with a listening ear and a tub of ice-cream? That’s the spirit of Ubuntu right there!

It’s about recognising that we’re together on this wild ride called Life.

When your friend nails that job interview, you feel the high too.

When they stumble, you lend a hand.

So, let’s spread Ubuntu vibes. High-fives for wins, hugs for tough days and a shared playlist for the journey.

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