by Nim Gholkar

Are you frustrated because your friends, co-workers or boss don’t take you or your opinions seriously?

When you put forward an idea, it goes unheard. And yet when someone else suggests it, it suddenly becomes the next best thing since sliced bread.

One reason why this happens is because you ‘ramble’ when you speak. That means you tend to go round and round in circles without coming to the point.

I was watching a YouTube video this morning where the speaker was explaining how to master a certain skill. He started explaining the theory behind the required skill and just as I was getting interested in the topic, he suddenly switched topics and began talking about the person who first founded the theory. “I don’t really like him” he said. “His theories are great, but most people don’t like him as a person. Some of the things he’s been disliked for are…..(five minutes spent talking about this person)….Oh but, that’s not the point of the video. So, let’s get back to our topic.”

Do you see how he went from the main topic to something completely irrelevant before circling back to the core point? This is a fine example of rambling.

When speaking in a meeting or performance review, stick to your point. Don’t go off on tangents. Don’t switch topics. It’s the best way to sound clear and concise which in turn will make people take you and your opinions more seriously.

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