by Nim Gholkar

I’ve officially separated from my inner critic, but don’t worry, it’s just a trial separation. We’re simply spending some time apart 🤣

My inner critic is probably on a beach somewhere, realising it’s been working overtime, criticising all my choices and decisions, and is probably contemplating early retirement.

It’s nice to take a break from self-scrutiny. It’s nice to remind oneself that perfection is an impossible destination. Progress, on the other hand, is a beautiful journey.

We all have our inner critic, right? That voice in our heads that stops us from stepping outside our comfort zone. But my friends, sometimes you’ve got to let that inner critic take a vacation. Give it a one-way ticket to a beach where it can criticise the sandcastles instead 😜

Trust me, your soul will thank you for the break, and you might just discover a whole new level of self-love and joy in the process.

I must clarify: Our inner critics also have their good side. They push us to improve and urge us to stay safe, which is awesome. But sometimes, you need to create a bit of distance so that you can make those tough decisions that will transform your life.

So, here’s to our inner critics and their beach vacation – May all our inner critics return from their sun-soaked holidays with a radiant glow and a newfound appreciation for our awesome, imperfect selves ❤

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