Yes, you are lucky….

by Nim Gholkar

Hey, did you read my social media post where I described the argument I had with my husband? No? What about the one where I shared pics of me crying my heart out because I was about to miss my publisher’s deadline for an upcoming book? Didn’t see that one either? Well, then, did you at least see the photo of my kitchen sink last night, filled to the brim with dishes I hadn’t had the time or energy to load into the dishwasher? Hmm…You didn’t see any of them, because I didn’t post them.

If you spend enough time on social media, you’ll soon start believing that everyone around you:

* has the perfect marriage

* bakes the perfect cake

* works at a perfect job

* has nails that are never chipped

* gave birth to angels disguised as children

* never saw a cobweb in their house

In contrast, your life seems a complete disaster and you seem a complete failure.

Don’t let social media fool you into believing that the bad stuff happens only to you and that everyone else is destiny’s favourite child. If you pause long enough to write down everything you’re grateful to have in your life, you’ll soon run out of pen, ink and time. You have far more than you realise. And Lady Luck smiles on you daily…You’ll notice if you truly pay attention

Nim Gholkar, 2021

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